Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 19, 1983 - "I Do!"

It's almost 29 years ago Jim and I were married.  My how time flies - it seems like a lifetime ago!
We met March 16, 1981, had our first official date the next day, St. Patrick's Day, at the White House in Fishkill, NY, and were married two years later in Tampa, FL.  So much has been packed into all these years: fun with family, wild times with friends, vacations, work, business trips, KIDS!, moving, pets, schools, sports, Church.  Lots of ups and downs, fun times, ick times ~ marriage!
I was looking through photos of our wedding.  The Album is falling apart and the pictures have some damage.  I got a new album for the pictures, so hopefully there won't be too much more deterioration.  I did scan them all and fixed them up a bit in PSE7.  Then, of course, had do some scrap pages of them! 

Love the look of the folded corner and the chain coming out of the flowers!  The chain was done using a dynamic brush and then an overlay of gold tone was added.  I also like the PSE style that lets me make the photo look like
a dimensional plaque.
These next three are some "Easy Pages", meaning I did not assemble all the paper layers, fonts and elements.  These are from "Love Honor and Cherish" by Scrap Girls designer Brandy Murry.  I just added the photos...
Marie Liberatore, Jim, Diane, Leo Ladaga


This last one is a double page scrapbook page.  I did a left side and a right side and tried to erase the center seam.  I don't think I have it quite right and will need to keep practicing.
L-R: Earl and Kris Medeiros, Shari Hugo, Gretchen Schimmel, Alan and Charleen Don, Jim and Diane, Pam Turner, Beverly (Turner) Nuermberger, Bob Turner, Phyllis and Harry Heyworth

Just love looking at pictures from "back in the day"!   Brings back so many wonderful memories and feelings.



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