Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Puppy Kisses

We've got a new addition!  Bunny, our baby Norwich Terrier.  What a
I had a dog growing up, and Jim had several, but since we've been married (29 years), we've only had cats.  But our kitties passed on several years ago and I still really miss them.  We've been talking for some time about having a dog this time.  As much as we love large dogs (I'd love a Retriever or even a Newfoundland!), with us both working, we thought maybe something a bit smaller. 
After some searching, Jim found the Norwich Terriers.  And, then I did some searching and found a breeder in New York about two hours north of us.  There was one little pup still available in their last litter, born on January 16.
Jim wanted to name a puppy "Bunny".  Too funny!  The only pup available
was a male, but he's still "Bunny"!!  Kind of like "A boy named Sue",
He cried and barked and put up a fuss for the first 30 mins or so of the ride home, but then settled down.  He's been out a few times since and is starting to get used to the carrier and the car. 

The day before he came home was spent trying to get ready.  PETCO was soooo overwhelming!  Rather than a hard case or wire crate, we got a wire pen for him.  Although he'd rather hang out with us, he does like his pen.  Plenty of room for his carrier, potty patch, food/water and toys.
He's sleeping the whole night.  Probably because he plays so hard!  I know I'm getting my exercise running around with him and playing tug of war with toys!  He loves his little stuffed ferret.  Oh, and our sneakers.  We're working on breaking that habit.

Now I've got something new to Scrapbook!!!  So, my first BUNNY page.
I used a Scrap Girls template and added the photos.  I did a bit more journaling than I usually do.  The slight brick texture on the background paper was done with a digital brush.  I found a clip and a tag from my stash of elements.  To make it look more realistic, the clip and tag are shadowed to give them depth.
I layered the tag on top of the clip, then erased a small portion to make it look like the tag is hanging from the clip.  Same thing with the clip and the frame.  I placed the clip on top of the frame and then erased a small portion of the top of the clip to make it look like it was hanging from it.  Make sense?

I'm sure there will be more Bunny to come!



  1. Oh, what a love!!! I wanted a small dog like Bunny-I ended up with two large dogs that I love dearly. Still, I want the lap dog, not the large dog who thinks he is a lap dog!!! Enjoy your bunny. My dd calls her Coco-a labradoodle "Bunny" all of the time. How sweet he is!!!

  2. Thanks, Chris. I love the big dogs, but just wouldn't be fair. And so far, Bunny is very easy to bring along on my outings. He does sit in my lap, but right now, he just wants to chew on my arm, rather than sleep.