Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Birthday

Kyle's birthday is Sunday.  I absolutely cannot believe I am old enough to have a 24 year old son!  Haha, I still have vivid memories of that pregnancy and delivery.  He came 5 weeks early, so when the contractions started, I wasn't quite sure if that's what they truly were.  Jim and I had only gone to 2 Lamaze classes.  After a quick call to the Dr. it was off to the hospital during the early morning rush hour traffic.  No worries, the contractions were still about 5 minutes apart. :)   Once there...he was born just over an hour later.  Very time for drugs.  He was so tiny, 5lbs 11oz.  Beautiful reddish blonde fuzzy hair and gorgeous blue eyes.
When he was still very young, I decided I did not want years and years of bad pictures.  I had my Canon Ae-1 and took a photography class.  One of the best things I ever did!  Of course, now most photography is digital and that's much easier.  And, it's so easy to just select "AUTO" and start shooting.  I have to force myself to choose "MANUAL" and work with aperture and shutter speed.  Well worth the effort, though! 
Here's one page I did from photos when the kids were a bit younger.  We were all at the Capital District Scottish Games near Albany, NY.  An annual favorite!   Here I was learning how to color paper templates and use metal styles.

Love the red in this one!  Kyle is with Reese Roper from the band "Five Iron Frenzy", a big favorite back then!
And here is a preview of the cover of a book I am in the process of doing for him with a mix of photos and scrapbook pages.  My Mom took Kyle to England as a graduation gift and I'm just now working with all the photos. Here's another double layout.  No seam in this one like I had in my wedding layout.  I have been working with using photo masking to get the photos in the block letters, and have learned how to get a dimensional look on the letters - more fun techniques!

I suspect this book will take quite some time to finish!

Happy Spring everyone!


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