Monday, August 6, 2012

Pre- Warrior Dash

Sometimes, you don't have to have photos on your Scrapbook page.  That's a very difficult concept for me.  However, I don't have any pictures of the Warrior Dash  - it hasn't happened yet ;)
Here is a page with just journaling and a few elements.  Since this race is going to be a dirty, grungy type of race up a Mountain (Windham Mountain...where I usually ski DOWN!) and over obstacles, I chose a grungy paper, and grungy, scratchy type overlay.  I made a copy of the Warrior Dash image and made it into a "sticker".

We are in the Sunday, August 12, 11:30am time slot.  Approx. 600 runners start out every half hour!  Insane!!   I will NOT be running with a camera.  I'm hoping my sister, Barbara, will get some good photos so I can create a page or two.  Stay tuned for more pages and race results!


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