Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Heat

It has been SOOoooo HOT!  But, then, it IS summer, so it's supposed to be
hot. I can't say I'm a big fan of humidity, though.  Every time I move, I feel like a need to take a cool shower.  Unfortunately, we have no central air.  We have ceiling fans, window fans, table top fans, an attic fan and an A/C unit in one bedroom and our family room.  The family room only cools down slightly (it's a fairly large room), so I tend to just stand in front of the unit.  Thank heaven for the one in the bedroom, we can get a good night's sleep at least! 

I have been trying to go kayaking these last couple of weeks.  It's been too hot, though.  You would think it's cooler on the water, but not so much.  Sometimes there is a slight breeze, but generally there is NO shade on the lake or rivers.  By 9am, it's hot already and too late to go out .  We'll try again when it cools down to the 80's!  At least the kayaks are now "de-spider-fied".  Definitely need to get a cap so we don't have to deal with the spider stress every year! (Although, I'm sure the neighbors will miss my yearly spider dance in the back yard!  Haha!)
Here is a scrapbook page I did from a kayak excursion my daughter and I did two years ago on the Rondout.  It was a nice trip to the Lighthouse and the Hudson River, then back. 
With traditional scrapbooking, I used to like to tear vellum paper and
layer them on top of each other, tucking photos between layers.  I have a ScrapGirls Photoshop Elements action that performs paper tears, so gave it a try digitally.  I was happy with the outcome.

Stay cool everyone and enjoy the summer.  Winter will be here before you know it!  :)   


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  1. Looks great Diane. I too love that look of tearing paper .. use it a lot. Glad they have it as a digital option