Friday, February 10, 2012

NY Giants - Superbowl XLVI Champs

Superbowl is over.  That makes some folks happy (the hype is over!) and some folks just plain lost with no football to look forward to.  I enjoy football, but I'm not an avid fan.  We lived in Tampa, Florida, for ten years back in the '80's.  We had season tickets on the 40 yard line, up in the nosebleed section.  Got to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers up close,
sort of.  That was lots of FUN!
(Oh, and remember the USFL??!!!  We got to see the Tampa Bay Bandits.  And Burt Reynolds, a part owner of the team, and Lonnie Anderson.  Our seats were just under the press box that they were in!)

We've stuck by the Bucs all these many years.  The year they beat the Philadelphia Eagles and then went on to beat the Raiders and WIN the Superbowl, well, it was just amazing!  So, I really am happy for all the New York Giants fans.  CONGRATULATIONS!!

We do enjoy sports and so a lot of my scrapbook pages have a sports theme.  Biking, skiing, kayaking, High School and College sports, like Soccer, Track and Field, Gymnastics, Swimming, to name a few!  Haha!!!  I'll probably end up sharing quite a few of them!  But for now, I was thinking football and a scrapbook page I did that showed a technique that I really like.  I saw this, I'll call it "Frame pop-out" technique, on the Scrapgirls site and spent some time trying to duplicate it.  It works really well with photos that show some type of action.  Check out this football scrapbook page where Josh is shown outside of the photo's frame.  A fun technique and very eye-catching!

And, again, CONGRATULATIONS to the New York GIANTS and their many, many fans!

'til next time,

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