Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Blog Post

After waiting for many years, I've decided to finally take the plunge and create a blog.  I think it may be more for
myself, to document what and how I create, but I hope you will enjoy it, too.

About me ~ I grew up in Wappingers Falls, NY.  75 miles north of "the city", New York City, that is, and 75 miles south of Albany, our state capital.  I did live in Tampa, FL, for 10 years.  Married Jim and had two children down there.  We moved back up to Ulster County in the Mid-Hudson Valley where I get to cross the Hudson River daily.
We've been married 29 years this March.  Our son is 23, living at home and our daughter is 19, away at college pursuing a degree in Physical Education.

I think I truly got started "crafting" back in 1992.  I saw a demo using rubber stamps, embossing powders and a heat tool.  I was hooked!  Of course, I was going to save $$ by creating my own cards and tags for the kids.  HA! I needed all the latest and greatest!  I'm sure there are some of you nodding along.  You've been there, too :)
To help supplement this, I submitted stamped items to Rubber Stamp companies and magazines.  Probably at least of third, or more, of the stamps and stamping products I have were the result of winning a contest!
I have been published in industry magazines, VampStampNews, Stamper's Sampler and Rubber Stamper.
I still do some rubber stamping, but over the years branched into some other areas.  I have enjoyed making books, particularly the "star book".  Using mixed media on a canvas always makes me feel like such an Artist.
Most of those have been gifts to friends and family.  I love making jewelry, both stringing and more delicate bead stitching. 

However, my Passion (capital "P") is Digital Scrapbooking.  I like all things digital/technical, so I'm a perfect fit for this.  Jim gave me Photoshop Elements V7 as a Christmas gift in 2009.  I purchased an e-book from and I was off and running.  No more glue, scissors, hard to fix mistakes with photos and paper.  Digital is so forgiving!
And, let me say, Scrap Girls has been a truly wonderful experience!  Such a great group of talented scrapbookers and very supportive.

So, what does a digital scrapbook page look like?  I'll share my first attempt at one. 

Certainly nothing elaborate, but I was so thrilled!  I worked hard to get the shading right to make the tags look like they were 3-D and layered on top.  That shading is a Snap, now!  I'll share more of my pages as we go along.  Thanks for looking!  I'd enjoy reading any comments you might have, too!



  1. Congratulations!! Blogging is fun-but my art one is so out of date!!!!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world Diane. Have fun, I know I enjoy my blog.

  3. Diane, ohhhhhh your toes are in!! Hurray! The nice thing about blogging is that there is NO PRESSURE. Add when you want, do what you want when you can. No biggy! You will enjoy it. It is nice uploaded and letting everyone see.
    I will be back!!!!!!! Everything looks fantastic so far! Wheeeeeee!!!!!!